OceanXnorway is based on a team of individual experts and selected collaborators from the maritime sector. In 2017 OceanXnorway and Ocean Classic of Sweden engaged full partnership, making us one of the most cost-efficient ship builders in the superyacht market. OceanX is located at the west coast of Norway, in the region known as the offshore cluster. Most members of the team have been engaged in various parts of the offshore industry for more than 25 years, participating in the making of Norway´s huge fleet of platform support vessels, anchor handling and special constructed ships. OceanX are bringing their “heavy industrial mindset” into the superyacht industry with the notion of mating uncompromised quality with the most delicate designs.

What we do

OceanX is specialized in design and construction of custom build superyachts to individual clients. We would like to introduce new thoughts to the industry by bringing elements from the Norwegian, maritime legacy into our projects. Our naval architects at Multi Maritime will always bring new concepts, ideas and details to the table. However, we will never compromise on a proven design, quality and seaworthiness. Finding the perfect balance between these three factors requires competence, skills, dedication and experience. For this reason, we are managing our projects as total concepts, from the drawing board to complete and certified ships.

How we do it

Our goal is to be the most cost-efficient ship building company in the market. Knowing that significant risks towards costs are identified by inefficient organizations and massive overhead costs, OceanX would like to challenge some conservative thoughts around running a regular brand shipyard. We think that a flexible oriented organization and global networking will be more beneficial on multiple levels, and that worldwide distribution and use of resources, technology and knowhow will be more of the future. We could offer any client to build their yacht at our construction site in Egypt at extremely low cost. However, every superyacht is unique and selection of the right location of build should not be determined only by cost, but selected by the client’s needs, complexity of the build, spec, and risk involved. Some projects require expertise to be found at shipyards in Norway, Europe or a combination of yards and/or suppliers.

How we are organized

The team at OceanX is organized according to a matrix structure. In order to optimize our performance and minimize the cost, we are managing our business according to the lean production theory. We will not put more resources into any part of a process, any place, than what is required at any given time. This will in turn reflect on how the chain of events and plan of progress will be organized. We believe that strong project management and proactive risk assessments are key factors for success. Another key factor is client involvement through all steps of the process. All projects are initiated by a study plan program. The client or the client’s representative will be a part of the OceanX organization from feasibility study trough finishing of the main project.